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아이에게 유용한 앱이에요

아이가 혼자서도 잘 켤 수 있고 음성지원도 가능해서 아이가 사용하기에 유용한 앱입니다


It is like a good school for Child.

So much inappropriate stuff

Ok I only watch this app cause I have to and I only watch one channel but I’ve seen a lot of inappropriate stuff like my sisters watch Barbie having babies and I’m like what the 🤬 so teach cut out the inappropriate

I don’t like it

It is so boring my mom made me buy this I can’t see cj so cool or stuff that i used to watch on YouTube.

I love this app

A friendly safe app for kids to enjoy


I love kids YouTube as a parent. Because it doesn’t have any bad things on it and I like it


Works amazing for my brother which are 2 and 7 they can watch things appropriate for their age and the fun theme and music makes them intrigued.

It is for kids

It’s good

The best I Love it

The best I Love it i watch 24 seven

It is awesome




Kids programs

Great for kids learning

Need language filter

We love this app in our family. It needs a language filter for toddlers using this app. My 3yr old and 4 yr old always get caught up in videos with language they don’t understand.

I love this app

I love this app because it is child friendly and only you tubers who are kids show up and again I love this app it does not have any inappropriate videos for kids who ever made this app thank you for making and I think you should get this app for your kids or child thank you again for the people who made this app and that is why you should get this app for your child or children that is all I have to say so just get this app if you do your child would Iike it and you to you will be happy that you got it bye now


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Great app for kids but..

Great app for kids but the cast to screen should be in Parent settings. It gets very frustrating fast.

When I had this app and not normal you tube I did not like it but now.......

When I had this app I did not like it because it has baby stuff on it and my sister could not find non baby vids and so she watched the baby stuff on it and my perinatal caught her watching them and took this app away from her so pls make it not have a lot of baby shows. But now that I got normal you tube I realize that this app is for younger kids. But if you have over protective parents like I have and get this app for kids older than 8 it gets annoying it toke me a long time to convince my perints to get me normal you tube. So pls make it have less baby Chantal’s like Ryan’s toys review because that’s very very very annoying and his Channel is everywhere.


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So fun.

You tube

I love YouTube is just ask and it makes my day it make me happy-every day when I look at it I love you tube 😍😀😃💋💋

I love this

I’m a 4th grader and I love Mermaids!!!! So I saw beautiful mermaids on this app.


Ok so this is good for little kids except I’ve heard the f word and the n word and a lot more stuff baby’s shouldn’t here!



Love it

My child comes home and goes straight to her I pad and whaches kids YouTube Thank you kids YouTube you are the best

I love it it is the best I am watching it all the time

All the videos that I watch are the best I love watching videos but I really want to make them but my mom said that l can’t

Ok app.

When I am watching a video, the videos on recommended bar at the bottom of the screen don’t have a video name or the channel that made the video. I feel like this can be improved easily. Other than that, it’s a great app.

It is awaome

I love it so so so so so so much!


It’s great for my

Sick of Foreign Language videos

Right now, we have YouTube kids set up for a 4-year-old child. It keeps showing foreign language videos in Spanish, Russian, Arabic, etc. There is no way to stop them from showing up when they shouldn't have shown up in the first place. We keep blocking the foreign videos and the foreign videos keep showing up. We're sick of this. Please give us an option to recieve only English-language videos. The target audience for this app is STILL LEARNING ENGLISH.

Yt kids

I love your app I like it very much it is well

Grand parent's friend

Great app

Awe some


Awesome but I wish there was a YouTube just for kids instead of extra.

I enjoy watching with YouTube kid with my 2month old

Pleese fix

Pleese pleese have notafacatioms when you subscribe

Too Much Slips Through

There is plenty of content on here that is just fine for children, however there is PLENTY that is not - from overly creepy animations to literally endless regurgitations of the same bizarre songs (“finger family”) - there is just too much bizarre and inappropriate content mixed in for me to recommend any parent relying on this app. Please use a curated media app such as Jellies, JellyTelly, KiddZtube, or KidsFlix

Lock button

Please move the lock button my son always hits the lock button when he is trying to select a video

I love FGV in all the videos

Do you so good


Hello I love rob lox and Minecraft ill meet you later bye


YT kids is awesome, whenever I am bored I watch YT kids!

This is awesome

Yes I love YouTube kids

Every video is my favorite

A+ l love jojo dies and Lizzie Greene and Jace Norman plus Everly and so much more I love all these actors and youtubers If any of these people are reading this that I called then I love love love love love love love love you🙋🏽‍♀️💃🏾👗🤳🏽👩‍👩‍👧👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👭👑🦊🐭👠🐭


Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Buhvneugrvuoehnvhhefi it is so much better than texting

Meh. Good app.

This is a nice app for younger children, but even in the “big kid” section, THERE IS NO PAMTRI! And for me, that’s a issue, man!

Mothers choice

Love it, I don’t have to worry about my kids looking at things the don’t suppose to.

Love it 😍 but hate it

I love how it’s kid friendly but,it’s always the same old stuff and I’m 11 years old not 5 and I just hate where it’s always the same music when you go on menu,even my mom hates the music she like omg shut that music up because it’s always annoying and sometimes when I go on there it’ll say no WiFi please try again when I have 3 bars on my phone so I really love it but hate it at the same time!

Great babysitter

Love this app


This is horrible I see people swearing like sayin the n word , f word and c word 😡 AND TO MANY BABY STUFF I TRY TO LOOK TRY NOT TO LAUGH ON IPAD NOTING COME UP DONT MIND IF I CUSS IN JAPENESE BUT ふck this して cmon! You can do better then this....

You Tube gets kids programming right!

Kid shows without the risk of inappropriate material. Love it!!!

You bad

You bad

YouTube of a the Best!



You is the best for kids who love kid friendly shows

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