YouTube Kids App Reviews

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I love this app

I love this app for my kids because its about making stuff and its kid safe thank you for making this app ?

YouTube kids

Great except some videos are kids acting bad

Not bad

It’s ok

Mom smith

I love this app!!!! Very helpful with assisting me with teaching my child.


It is okay , but need work on noise, ?, channels.Although its fun. ✋ being mean about it, kids❤️it. They spend a lot to do this instead of YouTube. ????☺️☺️☺️


Great for videos

Great game ?

Super good for me so there is no bad things on this app and it Is extremely for kids but SOMETIMES it lags me out. Thank you!

It’s ok

I think it’s OK but it’s definitely not something for older kids to have my mom won’t let me have YouTube so she said that I can Have YouTube kids I just think that if we could see the description comment subscribe and like the app would be so much better


This is so recommend!! It is awesome for your kids and I just love it and you should to

So good

You need this app you don’t get any bad words it’s perfect ????????

Love this app

My kids love this app and so do I!!!!!!


Thank you kid YouTube my kids can watch pepa pig


Kids love it

The best

Im so happy

Jojo siwa fan lover

So this is a good app but sometimes not. I personally love this app it is my life. I have nothing better to do so why not?

By dog lover

I love YouTubekids because it has cat videos and dog and cute little goats videos they are so cute and funny but it could have subscribed button on the screen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Works well!

Works well, easy set up and pretty decent safety features.

I love the idea of YouTube kids

I love in YouTube kids that you could do different selections like music and other selections for you to choose

Fun fun fun!

This is great for kids!

Forms bad habits!!!!!

I deleted regular YouTube as my daughter found idiotic videos. I came across kids YouTube and thought this’ll be perfect, you could even choose the age group. Boy was I wrong!!! Kids YouTube has just as idiotic if not more than regular YouTube. What is educational about adults dressed up as Elsa and spider man wasting food, bathing in cheese puffs, or driving through a Dairy Queen? NOTHING! What’s educational about older children and their dad pretending to be “bad baby’s” with pacifiers and throwing tantrums and pretending to throw up food? NOTHING! Kids YouTube is a disgusting disgrace!!

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