YouTube Kids App Reviews

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This is amazing??????????

Very educational


I love YT Kids

Cool for me, Just one problem.

The problem is that you have swearing videos, you google you need to fix this?

I love YouTube

Thanks again for YouTube It’s awesome I love you YouTube

Very good


It’s good but not the best ??

It’s really good but when I try and search something it says they don’t have it even when it’s not even inappropriate... but other than that it’s really helpful

I love it

Since I have started I have loved this app. Some times I don’t know how to spell a word but the mike helps.

Lacey & Emma

917-364-3674 ?

Stephen share

I am slime maker l love your video.can I have a YouTube play keychain

You tube kids

This is a great app to have


Cool but i want it to have you tube vids

So horrible

I got on this app a lot and all I find is just a bunch of baby content and I know its for little kids but still to make it better or you can add some videos from my YouTube channel my YouTube channel is awesome and its called Texas central but when searching it search TX car tire


A lot of extremely inappropriate content. Such a shame. The videos that automatically play are often highly inappropriate and not child friendly.

I love it

This is very inspired this app is great

Programas perfectos.

Me gusta porque tienen los programas adecuados para cada edad. Muchas gracias.

Way to babyish

I would rate this 5 stars it has all the channels I watch and there family friendly but I cannot find all there vids I can find on my Xbox it’s still a great app but please change this

Good vids.

I love the vids people make, thanks to all of you that have made vids.

To many rules

I like the app except it’s for younger kids(I’m above 9-10) and I still have to use this app,please make were you can make your own restrictions because theirs things u won’t allow me to watch like my favorite youtubers.

  • send link to app